About Face to Face Languages

It is an avant-garde educational center dedicated to teaching languages, especially English.

We focus on the "Face to Face" methodology focused on the importance of conversation to develop a better vocabulary either in a professional environment or in the day-to-day life of each student.

The "house" school was founded in January 2009 in the City of Doral, Florida.

It has become a school “home” where students learn languages ​​by conversing on current affairs. The "Face to Face" methodology has been widely accepted by its students, who are pleased to learn and be part of this new family where the goal is not only to learn a language, but to integrate into the new culture.


Our mission at Face to Face Languages is to motivate, engage, and encourage our students to improve their English language proficiency in a student-friendly and well-balanced environment. We look to promote our students’ personal empowerment to hold conversations, exchange ideas, sharpen their language fluency, and strengthen their potential for professional skills, social interactions, cultural enrichment as they gainfully integrate the different circles of their daily life. Face to Face Languages educates our students using conversationally focused English classes and exposes our students to authentic and relevant topics within the appropriate cultural contexts.


We want to be a driving force for good in our community, by giving people the tools they need to express themselves in a new languag

Methodology FaceToFace

Face to Face uses a proven formula for learning the English language, which focuses on conversation as a primary teaching medium.

Our students learn to have conversations in English, in a fun and friendly environment. Hand in hand with their teachers, our students learn the basics of grammar, tricks for reading comprehension, keys to effectively understand other speakers, and the ability to respond with confidence and fluency.

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