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Course Outline


Grammar is necessary in the learning process of a new language because it tells us how to use, change and arrange words to express our ideas, needs and feelings. Proper grammar allows us to achieve a balance in the usage of the language and its fluency, according to the context and situation in which it is utilized. The student relates the grammatical structures learned in the classroom with what they already know, using real material in each situation


This course is one of the most recommended to learn how to accurately use phonetics, the new typical sounds, of American English. In these classes you will have the opportunity to develop better pronunciation and understanding of the English language. You will learn to hear and recognize a new range of sounds that will surprise you. Actively participating in this class increases your listening comprehension and fluency skills in conversation.


In groups of up to 8 people and through the conversation generated in class, we promote self-confidence to begin to speak in a new language in an effective way. We have the responsibility to promote and encourage a general culture of appreciation for the targeted language. The ease of communication is essential in the development of a professional and personal advancement for each of our participants.

Public Speaking

This course explores the foundations for excellence in briefing. It is recommended for people who have to give lectures, conferences or speak in public in a language other than their mother tongue. Students practice oral presentation skills and the group participates in the performance evaluation. Students are prepared to speak with accurate intonation and the right timing to achieve the desired impact. Five major elements are exercised: reducing fear when speaking before an audience, preparing an oral presentation, techniques for delivering a better presentation, self-confidence and spontaneity in the delivery.

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