Our Story

Take a glimpse at the story behind our founder and our school.

Our Founder

Belgica Collado created the methodology of Face to Face Languages. This methodology is based on her experience as a teacher of many years. Bélgica was born in the Dominican Republic. She lived during her childhood and adolescence in New York, where she completed her undergraduate studies in Queens College. Later she moved to Miami, where she worked as History teacher and completed her postgraduate studies at the University of Miami. Bélgica worked as a teacher at the Doral Academy High School for three years. She also had the opportunity to teach ESL (English as a Second Language) at Miami Dade College for two years. Bélgica thought that the current systems of language learning could be more dynamic, fun and personalized. This led to the creation of Face to Face Languages’  methodology. Her system confirms the popular phrase “Talking comes from speaking.”

In following her mother’s example, Belgica  developed a passion for teaching, so did her brother, Nino Collado, who is now a leading High School Principal in South Florida. As a call to action and to fill a void in the Doral community, she eagerly decided to create her very own unique methodology. She embarked on her humble pedagogical and entrepreneurial journey by starting her own “passion-driven” home-based education business with just 2 clients as her very first students. Gradually the methodology was refined and the number of students increased until she opened her own language-teaching academy. It is said that, inch by inch everything is a cinch! Today Face to Face Languages has increased its student enrollment to over 150 students.

Our School

Learning is best when students are self driven and proactively engaged in their development. Face to Face Languages places a great deal of value on team building.  Its students learn to share and enjoy themselves while acquiring the necessary tools needed to acquire a new language! With a multitude of enriching experiences, students not only learn English, but other languages ​​such as Portuguese and Spanish.  Topics of common interests such as culture, customs and traditions of the societies where the target language is spoken are exchanged regularly in the day of the life of a Face to Face Languages student. Without leaving the learning process to chance, Face to Face Languages meticulously updates and customizes its methodology with cutting-edge curriculum and instructors!

Our Teachers And Contributors

Like Belgica Collado , our faculty is composed of experienced teachers. All are specialized in language teaching and ESL; they share a global vision and passion for teaching. Our faculty has one or more academic degrees, all are bilingual, and have a combined 60 years of experience in second language teaching, at all levels.

Our Address

9851 NW 58th St. Unit 118
Doral FL, 33178

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